Case Study

Interactive Carousel

Oracle Red Bull Racing
Paddock Launch Email

For Oracle Red Bull Racing's new loyalty programme (The Paddock) launch email, I was responsible for creating a fully responsive carousel module that enabled customers to navigate through benefits by using interactive arrow buttons.

The carousel successfully drove click-through rates, increased customer engagement and lead to a higher number of loyalty member sign-ups for the Paddock.


Interaction design, Front-end development, Email coding




Fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

The email mockups were provided by the designer in PSD format, which allowed me to export image / icon assets, as well as identify hex colours, spacings and pixel dimensions for the elements within the carousel module.

In-Situ Visual (Desktop)


Screen recording in mobile view

Fallback view (Desktop)



Kinetic (interactive) functionalities are only supported by some email clients (namely Apple Mail and Outlook Mac), so a fallback view was designed and developed for this module to ensure customers using unsupported email clients still retained a positive user experience.

A 2x3 grid stacked approach was adopted for desktop, allowing the customer to see all the benefit tiles within the carousel. Media queries were then applied to reshuffle the layout to a 1x6 stack for mobile, so that the content remained legible on smaller devices.

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