Case Study

AW19 Line Books

Fashion Brochure Design

Bi-annual garment and socks / accessories collection line books for Thought Fashion Ltd. These brochures outline all the key pieces of product information needed by stockists for placing their forward orders, including style codes, sizes, colourways, and prices as well as studio model/still life photography. Once printed and bound, the line books are distributed to Thought's 1000+ wholesale stockists across the UK and Europe, and act as a collection bible for every employee at the company.


Graphic Design, Print Artworking, Retouching


2018 / 2019

Softwares Used

The Artwork

I presented the information in the documents in an organised and digestible manner, by using a clean grid layout, baselines, and margins, thus ensuring the design remained consistent across all pages. Furthermore, to give the products some visual impact and inspirational appeal, I worked full bleed campaign shoot imagery into the pagination. Most of the still life photography found in the socks / accessories line books were taken and retouched by me, using a DSLR, and Capture One and Photoshop for post-production.

Workflow Optimisation

Joining the company, I used my InDesign expertise to introduce several new methods for optimising the design workflow of the line books. Such methods include data merging, conditional text and paragraph, character and object styles.

By using data merging, I was able to dynamically generate a design template for the pages, into which product data was automatically input, according to data values in an Excel spreadsheet. This significantly optimised my design process, as by removing the need for manual input, this not only removed any human error but also cut my design time in half.

Additionally, by assigning values as conditional text in the data merge template, this allowed me to switch GBP and EURO price values on and off, meaning I could export two different priced versions of the same document without needing to create two separate documents.

And finally by creating and using paragraph, character and object styles within the document, if any changes needed to be made to the formatting of text or placeholders, I was able to implement these changes across all pages, by simply editing the attributes of the styles themselves..

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