Case Study

Chameleon Cosmetics

E‑commerce Web Application

An interactive, dynamic, database‑driven, e‑commerce web application for a fictional cosmetics brand, named Chameleon Cosmetics. The website is fully responsive, optimised for mobile, and contains several unique, interactive features, including a virtual 'try‑on' makeup feature, as well as animated product views.


Front/Back-end Web Development, 3D Modelling, Interaction Design, Product Visualisation, Retouching



Softwares / Languages

E‑commerce Functionality

As a functioning e‑commerce site, users can create, edit, and delete online accounts, add items to bag or their wishlist and checkout by entering delivery and payment details. All the cosmetics products for the website's online store were designed, 3D modelled and rendered by myself using Autodesk Maya.

The Design

Inspired by modern web design trends, bright, vivid house colours of indigo, green and magenta were adopted for the site's design, helping to create a dynamic brand identity that stands out from existing competitors. Large, bold and capitalised text was also used to visually engage the user and communicate the page’s information clearly.

Makeup Face Chart Creator

This fun, interactive feature allows users to choose and swap different shades of Chameleon Cosmetics products, and apply them to a virtual face chart to design their own personalised makeup look. It is quick and easy to use, and allows makeup lovers to unleash their creativity by mixing and matching a wide range of products, from lipstick and blusher, to eyeshadow and mascara.

The feature is fully responsive on all devices, and optimised to ensure a seamless, mobile app experience.

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