Case Study

'Brigitta Jumpsuit'

Thought Fashion Video Ad

A short video advertisement to promote Thought's new 'Brigitta' Jumpsuit. The video was broadcast across the company's various social channels and paid media, and was also featured on Sky News as b-roll for a segment about sustainable fashion. The video was received extremely well by customers, generating thousands of views, and driving sales, so much so that it resulted in a three-fold increase in units of the jumpsuit sold during a single weekend. The jumpsuit also had to be made 'web exclusive' as stock almost sold out.


Video Editing, Motion Graphics




The Video

The Process

My design process began with the challenge of digesting a single 2 minute clip of footage, cutting it up into a range of interesting, varied shots, and then piecing it together in Premiere Pro to form a short sequence. I used Premiere Pro to edit and trim the clips, as well as add colour grading and transitions to the video. I then used After Effects to keyframe and animate text into the composition. It was important to create effects that remained on-brand, and so I used subtle fades and movements to give a softness to the video, whilst retaining a sense of rhythm and pace.

The Delivery

Working to guidelines, I exported the video in two different formats - 16:9 landscape and 16:9 portrait (for use on Facebook and Instagram Stories). The video is 15 seconds long so that it's short and snappy, and contains minimal text and a logo at the start and end to reinforce the brand in the customer's mind.

Featured on Sky News

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